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Low prices

We can provide most services againt very good rates compaired to other Hosting company's located at The Netherlands. Just try and let us know.

Expert Advisor

We have more than 12 years of experience. Thanks to the experience we can provide a lot of custom requests regarding hosting services.

GPDR compliant

We are complaint with the European GRPD law, which is effective since 25 May 2018. Let us know when you have questions about this.

The Mission of Connect Your Hosting

The Vision of Connect Your Hosting

We are an Hosting company witch is specialized in various cloud solutions and hosting services.

We want to lay the foundation for safe, affordable and flexible Cloud solutions for freelancers, small business and medium sized companies. Because of the affordable prices it is also interesting for personal use.

Every business, from freelancers to SMEs should be able to have the same "luxury" ICT facilities as well as large multinationals on an affordable way.
When small companies will work together intensively and use our flexible cloud services at the same time, smaller companies can accelerate considerably and can even be faster than big companies.

Connect Your Hosting is focused on...

  • Service
  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility

Our goal: we want you, as our customer, to be satisfied with the services you purchase
from us and don't have to worry about the Cloud / Hosting systems.

About Connect Your Hosting

Connect Your Hosting, your SSD Hosting Partner

Hurksestraat 60, 5652 CV Eindhoven

+31 854444 000

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