Do you want the highest uptime for your VPS?

Then use our HA-Storage solution so that your VPS never goes offline.

When more storage is needed

Each VPS comes with 1 SSD disk with a certain amount of disk space. But what if that’s not enough?

If you want more disk space or if you want High Availability Storage solutions so that your VPS has a higher uptime, scroll down and read all about the many Storage solutions we offer.

Storage solutions for your VPS

Storage 2

Unlimited Storage Capacity

If necessary, you can add more than 15 disks to your VPS. You can order a maximum of 2 TB (2,000 GB) per disk as standard. But if you want more, please contact us. We can supply more than 15 TB per disk!

Connect Your Hosting heeft een historische uptime van 99,9% of hoger op alle diensten.

Higher uptime > HA-Storage

One of our best storage features is HA-Storage. With HA-Storage your disk(s) are stored in real time on 2 different storage systems, each with their own disk set. This way you don’t have any downtime when a storage system or disk set goes offline.


Mix SSD & Bulk Storage

You can mix SSD disks and traditional hard disks, which we call Bulk Storage, on a VPS. This way you can save money and improve disk performance only for hard disks that need it.

Add HA-storage to your current VPS?

To add HA service, just login to the customer panel and go to Services –> View Available Addons and look for the HA-Storage Addon.
This way you can add HA to your current disk so your VPS get’s an uptime of 99,99%!

Want to order a new VPS?

If you are not yet a customer and do not yet have a VPS, you can order a new Windows VPS or Linux VPS with HA-Storage at our website. Do you already have a VPS with us and do you want to use HA-Storage? Then log in to the Customer Panel and go to Services -> Available Add-ons and search for HA-Storage.

Order your favorite Storage Solution

Click the Configure & Order button to add a new disk to your VPS or Online Workplace.

Add 100+ SSD Storage

Additional VPS Storage
6,00 Monthly
  • 100+ GB SSD Storage Disk
  • Hosted on SSD RAID SAN System
  • Extend 100 GB up to 1.5 TB
  • Optional: Multiple Backup Solutions
  • 24/7 Support

Add 100+ GB HA-SSD Storage Disk

Additional VPS Storage
10,99 Monthly
  • 100+ GB HA-SSD Storage Disk
  • Hosted on SSD RAID HA-SAN System
  • Extend 100 GB up to 1.5 TB
  • Optional: Multiple Backup Solutions
  • 24/7 Support

Add 1 TB Bulk Storage

Additional VPS Storage
10,00 Monthly
  • 1 TB Bulk Storage Disk (7200 RPM)
  • Hosted on RAID SAN System
  • Extend 1 TB up to 10 TB
  • Optional: Multiple Backup Solutions
  • 24/7 Support

Add 1 TB HA-Bulk Storage

Additional VPS Storage
19,00 Monthly
  • 1 TB HA-Bulk Storage Disk (7200 RPM)
  • Hosted on RAID HA-SAN System
  • Extend 1 TB up to 10 TB
  • Optional: Multiple Backup Solutions
  • 24/7 Support
HA-Storage uitgelegd

High available storage solutions for highest uptime

Connect Your Hosting’s High Available Storage Systems offer your VPS the most reliable storage solution you can get.

For each HA-Storage Cluster we have 2 Storage Systems, each configured with its own set of disks in a RAIDset (RAID10). When a VPS is hosted on our HA-Storage cluster, every action on the VPS disk is replicated in real time at the block level to both storage systems.

In the event of a failure or maintenance on one of the Storage Systems or a disk volume, the other Storage System immediately takes over.

In this way your VPS gets the highest possible uptime because even malfunctions and maintenance of the Storage Systems cannot get your VPS offline. So grab your VPS HA-Disk and enjoy your uptime!