The Connect Your Hosting data center is Tier 4!

Because we have our data center housed at SmartDC, we can give you the highest uptime! SmartDC is Tier 4 certified.

The datacenters

After a huge job of moving and renovating for 3 months, it is a fact: since January 7, 2019 we have moved to another data center. The servers are located at the datacenters from SmartDC.

SmartDC, originally from the leading Game Hosting company, has a very good reputation and a great high-performing network.

foto van een van de servers in het datacenter
De certificeringen van het datacenter zijn dik in orde.


The data centers have things in order. Thanks to the ISO27001 and NEN7510 certifications, we are able to issue various guarantees and guarantee that the security of the hardware and data is in order.

Connect Your Hosting heeft een historische uptime van 99,9% of hoger op alle diensten.

99,9999% Hist. Uptime

SmartDC has an unprecedented high historical uptime percentage of 99.9999%. These facts, together with the existing facilities of SmartDC, ensure that our uptime percentages also only increase!

Connect Your Hosting heeft zijn eigen IP adressen

Our own IPv4 & IPv6 IP's

Since the move, we also have our own IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses that have been issued by the RIPE foundation. This means that we can give guarantees with regard to IP addresses and offer custom solutions.

Electricity Supply

  • 2 power feeds per rack, each redundant
  • 2N+1 Power supply's
  • Every power feed is connected to UPS
  • Connected to Powergrid of the port of Rotterdam
  • 6 Emergency power generators in total
De Elektriciteitsvoorziening​ is dik in orde met o.a. 2N+1
meerdere 10Gb/s verbindingen


  • SmartDC / manage the 1,000TB fast and worldwide network with more than 120,000 KM of fibers.
  • Network and Carrier neutral
  • Multiple tier 1 carriers
  • Direct connections to NL-iX, R_iX and AMSiX
  • We have 2 uplinks in each rack
  • Each Host server has, Dual 10Gb/s fiber uplink connections

Other securities

Choose security & quality

Connect Your Hosting only uses A-brand hardware including Dell and HP.
All hardware is redundant and is monitored 24/7.
With the good services of the data center, our hardware and more than 10 years of experience, we ensure a very fast environment that is stable and always online!

Even if you do not find what you need on the website, it is best to contact us. We often deliver custom work to companies at competitive prices.

If you choose security & quality, you choose Connect Your Hosting as your hosting partner.