cPanel on your own AlmaLinux VPS for only € 15 monthly

We are happy to do the installation for free

cPanel Control Panel

The cPanel & WHM Control Panel has been around for a while and has quickly gained popularity. cPanel & WHM is a AlmaLinux Linux hosted Control Panel that is rich in features. These features and the progressiveness of cPanel make the Control Panel very popular among Linux server administrators using AlmaLinux as their operating system.

If you want to provide hosting services yourself with one or more AlmaLinux VPS servers, cPanel is a very good choice to automate and manage your services from 1 Control Panel. From 1 website to thousands of websites, with cPanel & WHM you can arrange it all. So are you that AlmaLinux server specialist and do you want to launch your own hosting business? Then order your own super fast SSD VPS with AlmaLinux together with cPanel & WHM!

Note: cPanel only works on our AlmaLinux SSD VPS servers.

Why Connect Your Hosting

Available cPanel Licenses

Do not wait any longer and order your cPanel license today.

cPanel Solo

cPanel + WHM
15,00 Monthly
  • Only works with AlmaLinux

cPanel Admin

cPanel + WHM
25,00 Monthly
  • Only works with AlmaLinux

cPanel Pro

cPanel + WHM
35,99 Monthly
  • Only works with AlmaLinux

cPanel Premier

cPanel + WHM
53,99 Monthly
  • Only works with AlmaLinux

We install cPanel for you

Because you want to use cPanel & WHM as soon as possible, we will install cPanel & WHM on the VPS for you. This way you can be sure that cPanel & WHM will work perfectly as it should and if you have any questions you can always count on us or on cPanel Support (free if you use the cPanel forum). If you wish to have the full cPanel configuration for you in addition to the standard installation, this is not a problem. We can also perform full management for you. Please contact us for a custom request. Connect Your Hosting ensures that you can move forward as quickly as possible.
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