Build your own private network in the Cloud

With a Private vlan (private network) you can build your own separate secure network in the Cloud. Whether it concerns communication between 2 VPS servers or more than 100.

Your own private network (VLAN)

Use Private Vlans, also known as Private Network, and build your own server environment in the cloud. You can even build your own complete Virtual Private Data Center with multiple private Vlans, firewall’s and VPS servers.

Private Vlans from Connect Your Hosting are free and you can link an unlimited number of VPS servers to your Private Vlan. Private Vlans are based on layer 2 of the OSI model.
Thanks to the ability to link an unlimited number of VPS servers, the network capacity is almost infinite. The bandwidth per server is limited by the maximum speed of the Private Network Adapter of a VPS. These can handle a maximum of 1 Gb/s of data traffic as standard.
Is a higher speed required? Please contact us and ask for the 10 Gb/s adapters.

Wy Connect Your Hosting

Een eenvoudig Privé netwerk
Voorbeeld van een beveiligd Privé netwerk met firewall

Unlimited Capacity

You can link an unlimited number of VPS servers to a private network. We offer almost unlimited switching capacity on our private networks. In addition, there are no data traffic or bandwidth limits. The only limitation is the speed of the network adapter.

De Private Network Adapter is nodig om je VPS te koppelen aan het gratis Vlan

1 Gb/s Connections

All private network adapters have a 1 Gb/ seconds connection. If you use multiple private network adapters and configure them correctly, you can double the speed. In addition, you can also get an upgrade to 10Gb/s on request.

Use Multiple Adapters

All private network cards have a maximum speed of 1 Gb/s. But if that’s not enough, or if you want to install a virtual firewall, or virtual router like Sophos UTM, or pfSense, you can add multiple Private Network Adapters to the VPS or upgrade to 10 Gb/s.

Connect Your Hosting heeft een historische uptime van 99,9% of hoger op alle diensten.

99,9% Uptime

hanks to the latest technology, our environment is very stable and reliable. Therefore we provide 99.9% uptime guarantee on our servers! You don’t find a higher service & uptime for this price.


To use Private Networks (vlans) you need 2 things: a Private Network (vlan) and the VPS needs a Private Network Adapter to link the VPS to your private Vlan.

Gratis Privé Netwerk

Private Network (Vlan)

Order your Vlan and start secure communication.
€ it is free

Private Network Adapter

Every VPS in a Private Network needs this.
€ 3,00 monthly