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First of all: What does VPS mean? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, a form of web hosting where you have a private server.

With VPS hosting, the physical server is divided into smaller,
virtual servers. You use VPS when you expand your business and, for example, have to absorb visitor peaks.

An Appliance Server is a VPS, but ready-made: with a pre-configured OS, including configured
applications and settings. Do you want to be sure of the performance and speed of your website or application? Then an Appliance VPS is the best choice.

With an Appliance VPS your website is online within a few minutes and is immediately ready for use.

VPS at Connect Your Hosting

VPS hosting has many advantages over shared hosting. First, with a VPS server you have complete freedom and control over all aspects of a VPS installation. You can easily manage your website via a management platform.

Because you do not have to share your server, you are not dependent on other users, and your website is always easily accessible.

In addition to a VPS, Connect Your Hosting gives you access to all the VPS appliances you need!

And can’t you figure it out? We offer a fast service desk that is happy to think along with you.

In addition, we offer a competitive price, because we believe that VPS should be accessible to everyone.

"VPS gives me the freedom I need. Thanks to the VPS Store, I can easily find all the appliances to use for my VPS to do what I want."

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Additional VPS Expansion Options

+1 Xeon CPU core voor je VPS

+1 Xeon CPU Core

€ 5,00 monthly


+1024 MB Memory

€ 6,00 monthly

Connect Your Hosting levert SSD Windows Webhosting tegen scherpe prijzen

+100 GB SSD Storage

€ 6,00 monthly


+1 TB Bulk Storage

€ 10,00 monthly

Connect Your Hosting heeft zijn eigen IP adressen

+1 IPv4 & IPv6 Address

€ 2,70 monthly

Connect Your Hosting maakt dagelijks een automatische backup van alle data & servers.

+Advanced Backup

€ coming soon

Private Network

+Private Network

€ Free

Private Adapter

+Private Adapter

€ 2,48 monthly