We offer these Popular Features for All Services

All servers, and services hosted by our servers, are equipped with the populair features mentioned below.
So you know for sure you will be happy with our services because you are not missing anything.

Daily Automatic Backup

Every server and VPS gets backuped every day automatically. So don't worry about data-loss

99,9% Uptime

99,9% uptime because thanks to the latest technology, our environment is very stable and reliable.

Max Speed Limit

We have 1 Gb/s uplinks, fast SSD storage and fast Xeon CPU's to provide maximum speed.

SSD Storage Drives

We use fast Samsung SSD disks on our storage systems for maximum performance.

GPDR Compliant

We are GPDR ready so you know we follow European laws. And we are located in The Netherlands.

24/7 Support

We respons 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on your tickets and e-mails. Also Phone support is available!

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Popular Pricing Packages

Here you find a small overview from our services.

VPS Hosting

Starting at € 3,99

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SSD Webhosting

Starting at € 6,66

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Hosted Exchange

Starting at € 6,65

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Domain Hosting

Starting at € 4,99

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mySQL Database Hosting

Starting at € 1,20

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MS SQL Database Hosting

Starting at 1,99

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News Updates

03/26/2019 We have moved to SmartDC's data centers

The year 2018 was a year full of major challenges. One of the important steps was the relocation of the data center location. There were various reasons for this with the ultimate goal: a sunny, stable future, full of growth and servers that are always fast! The relocation has been complete since January 2019 and we also have a new internal network. Read all about the new location of our data center and infrastructure here.

Small detail: we are moving from office location in April 2019. This will not cause downtime or interruption in service.

Server Status

02/19/2019 Recovered: VPS offline
On the night from Monday to Tuesday there was a malfunction on one of the new storage nodes after replacing a defective disk. The cause is going to be investigated by the manufacturer, but for now this meant that the entire node had made a reboot with the result that part of our storage went offline (including your VPS if it is on this node). We have given all VPS servers a reboot for to be sure it is up and running. Should there still be a problem then a disk check may be necessary (sometimes with Linux Servers). In that case, please contact us and indicate whether you want a restore from backup. Another option is that you give us the root password so that we run a manual check disk (fsck). We apologize for the inconvenience. This should not have happened!

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