We offer these Popular Features for All Services

All servers, and services hosted by our servers, are equipped with the populair features mentioned below.
So you know for sure you will be happy with our services because you are not missing anything.

Daily Automatic Backup

Every server and VPS gets backuped every day automatically. So don't worry about data-loss

99,9% Uptime

99,9% uptime because thanks to the latest technology, our environment is very stable and reliable.

Max Speed Limit

We have 1 Gb/s uplinks, fast SSD storage and fast Xeon CPU's to provide maximum speed.

SSD Storage Drives

We use fast Samsung SSD disks on our storage systems for maximum performance.

GPDR Compliant

We are GPDR ready so you know we follow European laws. And we are located in The Netherlands.

24/7 Support

We respons 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on your tickets and e-mails. Also Phone support is available!

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Hosted Exchange

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Domain Hosting

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mySQL Database Hosting

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MS SQL Database Hosting

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News Updates

07/10/2018 Our website has a new design!

There is a time of coming and going ... So we have moved our old website to the garbage can and built a brand new website. The old website did not work for us anymore and even failed in several areas.

The new website is live and we are curious what you think of it. So if you have any comments, let us know!

To celebrate the go-live of our website we give nice discounts:
Use discount code: NEW-WEBSITE and you pay for each VPS, webhosting package and Hosted Exchange package the 1st month only € 1.00


04/02/2018 Nice additions to our VPS services: openSUSE and Private Network

As of April, we also supply the Linux operating system OpenSUSE 42.3
We also supply Private Vlans, better known as a Private Network.
With a Private Network you can build your own private network in our cloud between your various VPS servers.
If you have multiple servers and want to secure them properly, you can for example create your own DMZ network.

You determine which servers are connected to the Private Network and what traffic goes over it and best of it; you don't have to share this network connection with others.
A Private Network is free, gives you unlimited data traffic with a maximum speed of 1 Gb /s per port (port = per network card, which you have to purchase).
Are you looking for openSUSE and / or a Private Network? Order your VPS server(s) or change your current running VPS servers and start building your network today.


01/10/2018 Urgent work on our entire environment between today and 13-01-2018

Recently serieus security treads are discovered and are made public that have an effect on processors in servers, computers and laptops.
This is regardless of whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac.
For that reason, we are urgently patching our entire (Cloud) environment, including Storage and Hypervisors, on all layers (Storage / Hypervisor / VM or VPS).
Due to the impact and speed (3 nights) with which this has to be done, we can not guarantee that there is zero downtime. We try to keep it to a minimum.

04/15/2017 We accept new payment methods

To facilitate our customers living outside the Netherlands, we offer new payment methods.
For example, you could pay us already via PayPal, iDeal and by bank transfer. Starting from today, this can also be done with:
Bancontact, SOFORT banking and GIROPAY!

Server Status

12/01/2018 PROBLEM: Service failure
This evening, one of our Hosts (Hypervisor) has completely failed due to a faulty RAID card. As a result, various problems have occurred. Some VPS servers have failed. Also the last internal DNS server in the old datacenter failed (the others are already moved) because of that we can not receive mail. Because of migration to the new datacenter, we did not have a spare host ready to take over. At this moment we are working on a Host server to use so all services will be fully available between 10 pm and 11 pm.

11/03/2018 Recovered: Service failure - Cause: Core router problems
A failure on the VPS platform began around 10.00 hours. As a result, about 20% of all VPS servers went offline. At 12.00 hours the problem was solved and we powered on all VPS servers that went offline. If there is still a problem, log a ticket immediately. We help you to get online again as quickly as possible.

08/11/2018 Recovered: Service failure - Cause: Core router problems
After testing our new core routers and new fast hypervisor hosts we decided last week to connect the new network and the current network together and start migrating VPS servers. It started great and fast for a few days, but somehow the current network and the new one started to fail and loses connections. Ping timeouts changed from 10% to 1% and suddenly up to 50%. We couldn't solve it and decided to unplug the new network and hosts. This resulted in a shutdown of some migrated VPS servers because we couldn't manage the systems from the moment we had to face 50% ping failures. After unplugging the new network and migrating back to old Hosts the problems are solved. We are going to investigate this with the supplier. Our apologies for this. We will make sure this does not happen again.

6/12/2018 Recovered: Service failure - Cause: datacenter KPN went offline
We had already announced maintenance of up to 90 minutes on our infrastructure this day. Unfortunately, we were just finished with maintenance for 15min and then several data connections started failing. We have multiple data connections including KPN fibers. The cause turned out to be at one of KPN's data centers, which went completely offline.
This problem is solved.

2/15/2018 Recovered: delayed internet connection VPS - Cause failure core router DC
The cause is a problem on the core routers of the datacenter. The problem has been solved.

12/15/2017 Recovered: Network issues on 1 of our subnets - Solved
The problem is solved. The connection errors were caused by a DDOS attack on the ISP network.
The DDOS attack caused problems on 1 of our subnets. This problem is solved.

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