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Windows 2022

Windows Server

Windows 2022

Buy your super fast SSD VPS with the Windows 2022 operating system from Microsoft today. We deliver the Windows 2022 SSD VPS at a very competitive price and it can be canceled monthly. So order the VPS directly and experience how fast our SSD VPS servers are.

The latest server version from Microsoft is Windows Server 2022 and is the server version of Windows 11. Windows 2022 Server offers the latest new functions.

Incidentally, this is an Unmanaged VPS, which means that you can rent your own VPS with Windows within our Cloud platform. The VPS will be fully installed including the operating system that you have chosen yourself. The emphasis with Unmanaged VPS is on the management of the VPS, maintenance, etc. which you have to perform yourself. We do not block gates, so make sure you arrange security properly or ask us for help.

Order the super fast VPS with the specifications that suit your needs

The following applies to all these VPSs:

Additional VPS Expansion Options

+1 Xeon CPU core voor je VPS

+1 Xeon CPU Core

€ 5,00 monthly


+1024 MB Memory

€ 6,00 monthly

Connect Your Hosting levert SSD Windows Webhosting tegen scherpe prijzen

+100 GB SSD Storage

€ 6,00 monthly


+1 TB Bulk Storage

€ 10,00 monthly

Connect Your Hosting heeft zijn eigen IP adressen

+1 IPv4 & IPv6 Address

€ 2,70 monthly

Connect Your Hosting maakt dagelijks een automatische backup van alle data & servers.

+Advanced Backup

€ Soon

Private Network

+Private Network

€ Free

Private Adapter

+Private Adapter

€ 2,48 monthly

The SSD VPS is online in minutes

After we have received the payment, the installation will start automatically.
Depending on the disk size and operating system, this takes between 3 and 10 minutes. After these minutes, the VPS is ready and fully configured.

When the VPS is fully installed, you will receive an email confirmation with all the IP and login details you need.
After you receive the email with IP information, you can start right away and log in to your own fast VPS with SSD storage.

We offer these popular features for every SSD VPS

All SSD VPS servers and services hosted by our servers are equipped with the popular features below.
So you can be sure that you will be satisfied with our services because you don’t miss anything.

Alle Host servers hebben snelle SSD disks, 10Gb's uplinks en Xeon CPU's.


We use fast Samsung SSD disks in our disk storage systems. And because we use Network based Storage instead of local storage, your VPS will automatically run on the fastest Host.

De Private Network Adapter is nodig om je VPS te koppelen aan het gratis Vlan

10 Gb/s Uplink

All network cards in a host server have 10 Gb/s connections. This gives your VPS a very fast internet connection.

Connect Your Hosting heeft een historische uptime van 99,9% of hoger op alle diensten.

99,9% Uptime

Thanks to the latest technology, our environment is very stable and reliable. That’s why we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on our servers!

Free daily automatic backup

Connect Your Hosting makes an automatic backup of every VPS every day.
We do this completely free of charge. We also do this for free if your VPS needs a Backup Recovery.
Of course we don’t repair your VPS ten times a month, because then there is another problem. But even then we like to think along with you and you can count on us!

Remember our backup schedule:
Connect Your Hosting will backup the VPS 1x a day between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. every day. We store the backups for 5 days.
Do you want more backups per day? Do you want to be able to go back more days / weeks / months or receive a local copy of your VPS backup? Please contact and let us know what you’re looking for. We will then send you a quote and if you agree, we will ensure that this will be carried out.